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» FAQs

How can I send an iRomantic tip to a friend?
Each tip has the ability to "Email tip to friend" function that will open your Mail App and you will be able to enter your friends email address and send the tip.

How can I send a SMS?
Some tips suggest you send an SMS, in this case only Apple iPhone users with SMS App are able to send SMS.

If the tip suggests I use another App, can I use it?
Yes, however you must have that app installed on your iPhone/iPod Touch. For example, if a tip suggests you take a photo from your camera App, this can only be done on your iPhone as it has the App and camera built-in. However if a tip suggests you access YouTube or the Internet both iPhone/iPod Touch users are able to perform the tip's suggestion using your usual Internet connection.

How many tips are in iRomantic?
There is currently 225 tips for you to access and enjoy. You might find that one of our tip(s) will spark an idea of your own. It helps you opens up your mind so you can be romantic!

Are all the tips easy to do?
Some tips are simple as sending an SMS or leaving a note which will help you define. Others are more elaborate and adventureness and require more set up. But ultimately you can use the tips as you see fit as they written to spark an idea. If the tip you shake does not do it for you, shake again, there are over 200 to choose from!

We ask you practice good caution when using any tips and consider.