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Shake Your Love with iRomantic


Australian Start Up Launches Innovative New Application for
Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

SYDNEY – March 5, 2009 – Newly formed Australian application developer; iDear Applications Pty Ltd, today announced the launch of an innovative new Apple application called iRomantic.
iRomantic, which is available on the Apple iPhone or iPod touch, is the essential application for couples looking to keep their romance alive, fresh and interesting.
The unique application, which has received positive endorsement from the Apple application review community, provides more than 200 romantic tips and suggestions Apple mobile users can access instantly. With a simple shake of your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, users can reveal spontaneous romantic tips they can use on their partner or loved ones. 
The iRomantic application, which has been exclusively designed for Apple, leverages the groundbreaking technologies built into the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, such as the Multi-Touch touch screen interface display and the motion responsive Accelerometer feature. Users are able to “shake” their device to reveal a new romantic idea or tip straight away with little preparation, a feature that has previously never been possible on an iPod or mobile device. 

iRomantic is a fully integrated application, which allows users to gain direct and immediate access to existing in-built features of the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch including YouTube and the iPhone SMS application.

Using an example, iPhone and iPod Touch customers might download a tip or suggestion that recommends they learn a “massage technique” for use on their partner. The tip will provide direct access to a YouTube video link with a massage demonstration. The application is designed to be easy to use and practical. If a user shakes their Apple iPhone again they will receive a tip suggesting they send a love-SMS. Using the iPhone SMS application, customers are able to send a message to loved ones instantly.

Commenting on the iRomantic application, Franki Chamaki, Creative Director at iDear Applications said, “We have an unbelievable response with over 200 copies of iRomantic sold within just days our soft launch. iRomantic is the essential mobile application for anyone looking to freshen up or inject a little romance into their lives. In today’s technology driven culture, people have less time to dedicate to love. New and innovative solutions are required to meet this challenge. We have developed iRomantic in response to this need. Its ‘love on the run’ and we believe it truly is the definitive “mobile relationship enhancer” for people in today’s fast paced society.”

Given there are over 200 romantic suggestions available on the iRomantic application; customers can save tips as “favourites”. They can also add notes to their favourite tips. In addition, users have the option to forward or recommend tips to a friend using their iPhone or iPod Touch Mail application, sharing the love as it were!
iRomantic is the first application to be released by iDear Applications. Future upgrades to the application are expected over the coming months, with the inclusion of additional tips and unique interactive capabilities using the power of Apple iPhone and iPod Touch’s on-board applications (Mail, Camera, SMS, Safari etc).

iRomantic is available for download and installation now, at a cost of $US 1.99 dollars from the Apple App Store.
More information about iRomantic is available at: http://www.shakeyourlove.com/
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About iDear Applications
iDear Applications Pty Ltd is the definitive social application developer for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices. It strives to create simple lifestyle mobile applications to help people with the little things in life. iRomantic is one of the latest application offerings from iDear Applications with more scheduled for release over the coming months. iDear Applications was founded in Sydney, Australia in January 2009 in response to increased consumer demand for innovative and creative mobile applications.

For additional information please contact:

Franki Chamaki

iDear Applications Pty Ltd
T: +61 (0) 409 213 683
E: infome@shakeyourlove.com